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Components are available for modding existing machines, systems you are buying from us, or for upgrades and repairs.

Hard Drives
We stock a variety of hard drives - most top manufacturers, and in various format and size. Along with supplying new drives, we can also clone/backup existing drives if required.

We stock most types of PC and laptop memory, from the older harder to find, to newer types. We can supply and/or install this for you.

Video and soundcards can be supplied or ordered for your needs.

We hold a vast selection of parts and pieces for most systems, from power supplies to case, motherboards, bare bone systems and unit parts. Some of it is the newest released technology, others covered in dust on a back shelf but we know it'll come in handy one day...

Contact us with any queries.

Added Service

As with our other areas of sales, we are happy to supply only or to set-up and install if required.


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