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Welcome to the past...

Obviously a severe case of cobbler's children syndrome in effect with our website.
Now so OOD HTM code is near historical reference! (never mind brands, images, styles etc.)
With thrawn consistency i'm using good old 'notepad.exe' (not even ++) to 'temporarily' edit now in late 2022, stop laughing at the back!

Anyway it kind of proves general business ethos of attending to customers in person and applying twenty years (alright forty plus) of experience and accumalted knowledge to solving their particular individual needs.
For any new visitors discovering this site please DO NOT PANIC or worry that content and products illustrated are over 15 years old. In our real physical shop we stock a very wide range of up to date IT products, supplies, parts and accessories from entry level to high end specialist business and esoteric items but also parts to support/repair far older than 15 years critical systems and peripheral equipment.

All operating systems and proprietary manufacturers from 1980 onwards are welcome - Linux, Unix, DOS, SGI Irix, MacOS, OSX, Windows;2,3,3.1,95,98,ME,NT,XP..., Amiga, Atari, CP/M (oldest ones might need to refresh on a bit first).
Most current and legacy storage mediums and technolgies can be worked with - Tape, Floppy (sorry not 8"), Superdisk, Zip, Jazz, minidisc, DAT, CF, XD, MS, PATA, mSATA, SATA, M.2 SATA/PCIe being just a selection.

Kamull Trading - IT to the Highlands

Based in Ullapool, Wester Ross, Scotland, Kamull offers computer sales, support and solutions throughout the region.


STOP PRESS 2023! Real Shop Picture

Having taken a few pictures outside the 'real' physical shop seemed a good idea to squash one into legacy HTML website to prove that we do have a wide range of contemporary products available in stock.

Notes for those who are detail observant: The iMac on bench is a 2008 C2D left for recycling following customer upgrade and data transfer, Crosley Cruiser is a cheap (2x finest meal deal) basic example from various Vinyl record players/decks bought last decade when believing hype on vinyl popularity resurgence - Hi-Fi/DJ grade decks also in stock! (~10xChataeu Neuf+), Small black head/white body object left centre bit like melted legless R2D2 is the automated door watcher that sees your approach then hears you knocking when you can't get in (If you wait 30seconds then Mr. Ben Kamull will magically appear behind you...)

Kamull Shop Front Window from road side



We provide services across the IT industry, providing repairs, upgrades and installations to local and regional companies and individuals.

If required we can arrange to visit on site throughout the West Coast



We supply systems, peripherals, components and consumables. We aim to stock as varied a range as possible but can also supply requested items through our suppliers, generally within a couple of days.



Whilst many larger and online computer companies offer an impersonal service and little support once you walk out the door, at Kamull we try to assist in every step, from identifying what is right for a clients demands, right up to whatever they request - be that installing and setting up, or training if/as required. We truly believe that our added service offers us an edge that will result in clients wanting to return to us in future and strive to ensure that expectations are met and hope exceeded.

Users /nm./: collective term for those who use computers. Users are divided into three types: novice, intermediate and expert.
Novice Users: people who are afraid that simply pressing a key might break their computer.
Intermediate Users: people who don't know how to fix their computer after they've just pressed a key that broke it.
Expert Users: people who break other people's computers.

Whatever your needs and requirements, let us know and we will do our best to match these. We also consider part-exchange and can offer 2nd user systems.

We also offer web hosting, and work in conjuction with MacraeMedia web designs to offer website design and implementation on its own or as part of your business needs.

For further information contact us.


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